Wedding advice for the bride and groom prior to the ceremony

Advice to the Bride & Groom prior to the wedding pictures

Wedding Advice for the Big Day

Advice to the bride & groom prior to the wedding pictures:

A lot of photographers, or at least this one, will take pictures prior to you leaving for the wedding venue. This is included in your main package and you should try to make the most of these photo opportunities. The preparations for your big day will probably pass you by in a blur of quickly forgotten memories as you are caught up in the excitement of the day, unless you record them in pictures – or video. Remember this wedding advice is based on a two photographer wedding coverage as it gives each the time to record these memorable times in pictures.

Brides Wedding Advice:

There may be very little that you can do to change the physical layout of your home but should you be using a hotel or other venue then ask for a room with a north facing window. A north facing aspect will give you natural light all day long. You really should have at least a room that has a window somewhere to allow natural light into the room. Should you have direct sunlight streaming into the room then ask that this be modified or diffused with some light lace curtains or blinds. The same applies if leaving from your own home – try to modify the light if direct sunlight is streaming through the windows. You would also be looking for a good sized mirror, preferably full length, to work with. Remember you also need enough room to house your bridesmaids who will assist you in your preparations.

The bridal gown would normally be hung and photographed prior to being worn as would your shoes, garter, flowers, perfume, etc. Flowers look a lot better in a vase rather still contained within the box delivered by the florist – no matter how decorative the box may be. Any other item you wish to be photographed should also be readily available to the photographer. Any furniture you would not like included in the pictures can be covered with a decorative, or plain sheet, as available.  Normal series of pictures is having your hair, makeup done, veil worn, garter worn, dress worn, and any assistance given by others.

Do you have a mark/scar/mole or other body blemish (freckles even) that you would like removed in your pictures for this big day? Discuss it with me first, and I will advise you, or you can advise me, if you wish these small blemishes removed. Equally what can and cannot be done to digitally enhance your pictures will be explained to you prior to the wedding day. I do like to take a nice (by that I mean enhanced/airbrushed) picture prior to you getting ready and still in you normal daytime attire if possible. This is where a lot of my time, and your money, is spent. Many hours go into the final selection of pictures and then they are worked on to produce the best quality, enhancements that I can achieve for you. The same is true if you wish an album produced. The layout of pictures and extra work involved in this production is also time consuming – time equals money. Money well spent in my view for what is hopefully a one off in your life.

Top tips:

  • Shave (?) two nights before your wedding instead of the night before – gives you more time to deal with accidental nicks!
  • A couple of weeks before the big day, ensure that you’re not allergic to any products you’ll be using throughout the day by testing them.

Modesty Wedding Advice:

We all have our own level of comfort in what we will do and how we will behave in front of strangers. Walking about topless on a beach is a so what for some and a complete no–no for others. You may be very proud of your body and not concerned about who sees it. Equally you may be shy and very concerned about who sees your body and how your body looks to others. You may think you are overweight/too thin we all have out hang-ups about our bodies. You are the gate keeper in this regard, and should any picture or situation concern you, please say so. You should not be expected to reveal any more that could be seen on any UK beach and that is in normal swim wear. I will not be walking unasked into any room or place and will knock or announce myself prior to entry. We should have met before this and you should have confidence in me but this will probably be the first time I have been introduced to the bridesmaids or others who are assisting you.

Posing Wedding Advice:

Not a lot of posing required really at this stage but some images may be regarded as essential. Placing of, and while worn, the veil (if you are wearing one), you (obviously through the stages of preparation) and some pictures with your bridesmaids. A number of these images will be very natural and taken as they happen but some will have to be set up. Looking in a small hand held mirror for example is quite regularly done. Many of the pictures will be taken with the available light so it is important that the room/venue is lit to its best to allow this to be done. Every bride has her own ideas on what images she would like captured at this stage so please ask to have them done as we go along. Posing should be relaxed and a bit of fun as this allows you time to be more comfortable in front of the camera. Few brides are used to this level of attention of having a camera practically covering their every move. The time spent here should get you used to, and then practically able to ignore, the camera/photographer as we move along to meeting up with the person who will walk you down the aisle. When we get to this stage, most of the pictures will be posed for the camera with some less formal shots captured as the events unfold. You would normally wish for pictures with the person who will walk you down the aisle as you leave the house/hotel, approach the wedding car, within the vehicle etc. On arrival at the ceremony normal service will be resumed. You will normally have many, many cameras pointed in your direction so smile, smile, smile – you are on!


Groom & Best Man Wedding Advice:

Pictures normally posed are, rings, cufflinks, ties, flower, sometimes shaving, shoes being polished or laced etc. Kilt wearing preparations usually have the socks being placed, lacing up, Dirk, kilt pin, sporran etc. Best man assisting in these is normally captured as posed pictures. Your parents if with you would also be posed at some point prior to leaving for the ceremony. Any pictures you wish with other family members please request at this time or let us know in advance. On arrival at the venue you have the usual clock watching and possibly sitting waiting the arrival of your Bride. You would also expect images taken with people you greet and welcome to your big day.

Most men are not used to having cameras recording their every move, so it is important that you get used to this fairly early on in the proceedings. I hope that the involvement of the photographer in the run up to your arrival at the wedding venue will achieve this ease with the cameras. You usually might not like having your picture taken but on this day it might be a case of grin and bear it, or bare it as the case may be. We will try to make it as pleasant an experience as possible for you. A number of images will be with us in the background and you should not be too aware of the camera.

Top tips:

  • Quickly tidy around before we arrive- it means the photos won’t be rushed
  • If you’re generally camera shy, remember a lot of photos want to remember your big day and appreciate your patience!

To you both:

I hope this has been of some use to you both, but if you have any questions then please ask. This is your day so make the most of it. The pictures of you, your family and friends should last a lifetime and beyond. This record of your day will be treasured for years to come, so try not to say – I should have had a picture with xxx. Good luck to you both, and have a great wedding day.


George Monaghan